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    Budget Laptop for non video use!


      Hello, im new to the forum and have been looking through a lot of posts about machine specs over the past couple of days. Hoping someone can help!


      I'm looking to buy a budget machine (approx £1500 max) to run CS6. We will be using Illustrator and Photoshop for fairly basic tasks (producing brochures, editing photos etc. ) It will all be static design work ( no video).


      Most of the posts ive come across are discussing "video" , i am trying to find out if we can get away with a lower spec machine for our basic requirment. We're looking at this 4gb RAM lenovo W530 as its just about the right price level.


      http://www.dabs.com/products/lenovo-thinkpad-w530-intel-core-i7-3630qm-4gb-500gb-15-6--win dows-7-pro-64bit-preload---windows-8-8PBT.html?refs=431420000-54600000-4294941858-50600&sr c=3


      Will this do the job? We'll not be using CS6 on a full time basis, ad hoc as and when we need to produce an advert, presentation or som other from of promotional material.


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Thanks Neil