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    FormCentral improvements

    Antonio Terranova

      I would like to ask if it is possible to improve the program FormCentral , with some details:

      Example: The module provides the possibility to pay with PayPal but also provides the possibility to pay by bank transfer , by inserting a page I set up the rule if the option mode of payment is paypal , proceed with the case , but if the alternative option payment method bank transfer plans , go to the next page. Up to here everything is correct and it works perfectly , but on the next page , requires me to proceed with the case and then with the payment through Paypal in any case even if the payment process is different from Paypal. At this stage, the next page in a manner different from Paypal , you can enter the "Send form " without proceeding with the payment, but only transmit the communication to the service provider , the user will proceed with the payment through x bank transfer.



      I hope I was clear with the English, as being Italian , the translation comes from Google Traslate .



      Regards Antonio Terranova