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    Unwanted software with new Flash 11 install - Underhanded


      I am sorry of the tone of this discussion. I installed Flash Player 11 last night. The screen pops up and some strange software description shows up with either a dismiss or next button at the bottom. I look at the main window and for sure it says Adobe. I click dismiss only to find out that I have to dismiss 4 more software packages BEFORE I get to the flash install button. I thought you guys were above this cheap, blatant, stupid approach to providing user value. My whole impression of your company changed instantly. Because of this, every adobe software package i have, I have shutoff all updates so I can manually see what junk may be coming from you into my computer. Once flash was installed, I went back to my control panel/programs, and guess what, there were 3 junk programs you installed without my permission.


      This is so sad. Since the computer I had this issue with only has three software packages on it besides yours, and they have not been updated, I know this sneaky, underhanded method of giving away FREE software is your new norm.


      I think social media is my next move to vent my disappointment with your company.