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    Rigid Mask Tracker


      How do I apply this effect to a mask?

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          wintersdesign Level 1

          When I have a mask on an adjustment layer selected, there is no animate mask option like the adobe updates seciton of the site suggests

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Rigid Mask Tracker is part of the update that is scheduled to be released in October. That's why you can't find it.

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              wintersdesign Level 1

              That would make sense. Is rotoscoping a better way to deal with my issue?:


              I've motion tracked some footage of a parking lot (I am driving in car from left to right). I am using Cineware to add a building to that same parking lot. However in my footage there are a few signs (speed limit, stop sign) that sit in the foreground. I'd like to keep the integrity of the footage by keeping the building created in C4D behind the signs, to establish some realism.  Thoughts?


              Without C4D building




              With C4D buidling:



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                wintersdesign Level 1

                Obviously there is always frame by frame manual mask adjustments, which is what I'm doing right now until I hear an alternative...

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  duplicate the background layer, roto the top copy so you just have the sign. You only have to do the frames where the sign is in front of the building. Since the sign does not change shape this would be an easy task for Mocha and it probably would not be too difficult in AE just using masks.


                  You could also trim the top copy of the video, stabilize it with AE's stabilizer using the sign as the target, create your mask, then re-introduce the motion and just lay that video comp over the building layer.


                  Watch this video. The technique is what you would use. It would make animating the mask very easy. (no audio but it has captions)



                  I've used the rigid mask tracker and it's not the best tool for what you are trying to do.


                  Here's a quick look at hand roto: (this one has audio)



                  In both cases I am talking about stabilizing a shot NOT warp stabilizing. There's a huge difference.