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    Record every received Stream using Adobe Media Server


      We have a platform implementing CometChat product, this producto has Audio Video Chat, using RTMP stream, we rent Influxis.com service because they offered to record each streaming from CometChat AVChat, we want to know if its possible to achieve this using Adobe Media Server, because CometChat request a lot of money to record them, so, we need to know if this is possible just buying the Adobe Media Server, because we have our own Virtual Server, so we can Install it there and use it, but we want to know if there is something that need tos do CometChat, because that things will cost a lot for us.


      Please, any help would be great, its really Urgent, our site its in use now, and we need to record every stream because our site manages children interactivity, so, because of security this its really urgent.


      Thanks in advance.