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    Premiere is jerking when i play a Gopro Video


      Hello friends,

      i have worked with Premiere Pro since one Year and i never had Problems before with my FullHD films from my DSLR. But since i got my gopro, the problems began. When i open a FullHD (60fps) or a 720p (120fps) in Premiere Pro CS6 and press the "Play Button" then i stars fine, but after a few secons the film begin to jerk till it stops completly. But where is the problem? It is just the higher frame rate? My DSLR has only 24fps. PLease help me. I also play the movie in the half of resolution, but it is the same problem.


      It doesn't work on my PC:

      AMD Phenom X4

      6GB Ram

      Windows 8

      ATI Radeon 3600 series




      and also not on my Ultrabook:

      Intel i7

      4gb Ram

      Windows 8

      Intel 3000 Graphics