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    Brush Tool: Size change, shape change and paint behind


      I need to be able to change the brush size, change it's shape, and select the "Paint behind" or "Paint fills" option. Not having these options is really slowing down my work.  At first these options seemed to not be there at all but...


      I found them by extending the tool bar ALL the way down but now Flash won't let me select those options. I can select use tilt and use pressure but it won't let me change the brush size or select paint behind. Please help!!!!

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          It's right in the same place for me as CS6, below all my other tools, size, shape, etc..


          Flash CC:








          edit to your edit:


          What OS?  Is Flash updated to the latest?


          I'm on Win7 with Flash at latest and I can select them just fine:






          Have you tried to reset preferences (hold CTRL/CMD+ALT+SHIFT immediately after starting flash)?

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