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    Rendering and Screenshots

    adobenewbie123 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I wanted to grab a bunch of screenshots from my movie to store ina folder to eventually  be used on a supporting web site. The easiest way for me to do this would be straight out of Premeire, using the screenshot icon. Before  I start doing this, i wanted to check something.  Will I need to render the clip before taking a screenshot? I have noticed that the playback is not always clear if the clip needs to be rendered so would an unrendered clip reduce the quality of any screenshots as well?  Sometimes it takes  abit for the render process, especially when neat video has been applied.  So if I can get away without doig that step, it wil save me  a ton of time. I just don't want to sacrafice any quality.


      I am using Premiere Elements 10.