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    PS CS6 OS X - "Place" dialog box disappears when I try to drag a folder into it.

    spdorsey6969 Level 1

      We are moving to CS6 at work currently. In our workflow, we need to move from folder to folder (hundreds of them) often, and I do this quickly by dragging the desired folder into the open/save/place dialogs. Doing this immediately takes me to the folder I need without requiring me to navigate there manually.


      In CS6, when I need to replace contents of a smart object (which I need to do proably 30 times every day), I right-click on the smart object's name and select "Replace Contents". A "Place" dialog opens and I can drag the folder of the asset I need into the dialog, but the dialog disappears when I click off of Photoshop to drag the folder. This happens in all screen modes.


      What can I do here? It is impractical to keep source folders in the left bar of the Place dialog (there are literally hundreds of folders I use).


      CS5 let me drag files from the Finder into the open/save/place dialogs. CS6 apparently does not.