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    List of previously/recently opened files in Dreamweaver MX

    bill_mcclain Level 1
      I'm using DW to look at .cfm files for an existing project I'm documenting. It would be useful to be able to pick from a list of recently opened files, but I might look at 20 or 30 during a day, and the File menu lists only the four most recent ones. I'd like to increase this number, but I can't figure out how.

      I'm not sure if there's an .INI file I can hack for this, or what, but I didn't see this anywhere in the forums or in the DW MX help.

      Apparently previous versions of DW may have had a File>Recent Files submenu or something like that - is that right? Any way to get that back? Is there a better way to see a longer list of recently opened files than using the File menu's list?

      Thx in advance for help.