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    Unwanted Rows Repeated on PDF


      I have an PDF Form that I'm trying to clean up for work. This form was made before I started so I'm not sure what the process was. But the form has multiple rows that organizations need to check. On one portion of the form one row keeps repeating itself for no appearant reason.


      I've attached a photo, but the row titled "Field to Table" is only suppose to appear once instead of five times like it is now. The rows below it are completely cut out of the form now, they're not just moved to the next page. So I attempted to fix the problem by opening the document in Adobe LiveCycle, but the problem doesn't show up when I open it there. I completely deleted the row and re-did it, and then saved it. When I open the document in Adobe Reader the problem exists again. The same thing happens when I print.


      How do I fix this unwanted repeated rows problem?? Please Help!!


      Rows Problem.JPG