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    Deleting Folders

      I have created a WebHelp project in which several folders were added. Now I would like to remove some of the folders, hence I moved the topics existing in the folders to other folders. I tried to delete the folders by right clicking on the Folder, but the Delete option is greyed out and unable to delete it. I deleted the folders from the Windows Explorer window and when I tried to open the project, the missing folders message was displayed and it indicated that the folders will be recreated. The folders were displayed again in the project.
      The folders which I am trying to delete, has no topics. I am not sure what the issue is? Can anyone let me know how to resolve this issue?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Anje. The topics may no longer exist but you'll have to ensure that all other elements related to them are also gone (e.g. images, baggage files, style sheets, mapids, etc all of which prevent a folder being deleted. Go through all the elements of the Project tab looking for any remnant files that require deleting. You'll find the folder structure replicated in each section. You can also run one of RH reports on the required folder to see what is still there. BTW never delete a folder from outside RH unless you want to risk spending lots of additional time at work