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    Problem with fading images in/out

    Pop_Clingwrap Level 1
      I have a product demo that runs from an XML feed. Text is defined in the XML as are links to external images. When an image loads it is set to alpha 0 and then fades up to 100 whilst also changing from blurred to a crisp image using a blur filter.
      When I publish the file and preview it there are horizontal lines of white pixels that that flicker across the image like interference as it is fading in. Once the fade is done the interference stops but any visible bits of it stay on screen.
      If I run the generated SWF in a browser this does not happen and so I didnt worry about it. Now though, I am trying to output the demo as a video clip to run from a DVD. I am using File>Export>Export Movie and this picks up the interference as well.

      I have tried various compression setting with no luck and am thinking I might have to use some third party screen capture software (camtasia?) instead.

      Any thoughts?

      Cheers all