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    Simple question: Why (oh why) does type render so ugly in InDesign?

    therealrgbk Level 1

      You know what I mean... x-heights don't match up. It looks crunchy, irregular. It's 2013. Why does this still need to be a reality? Why can't we get the same rendering in InDesign that we have in Photoshop. And if it's a performance thing... why not at least give us the chocie to set it to a good level (for the digital designers out there)? I'd really just love to know.


      Just a small, example of what i mean:


      Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 22.36.39.png


      To elaborate: I need to really know as close as i can how a typeface feels on the screen. Even photoshop isn't perfect, but at least it gives me a better understanding of the character of a typeface. Look at that image above. Does that look like a basis on which you can make a decision on? It's ok here cos we all know Helvetica Neue, but I can't get the feel of new typefaces in InDesign, it's just too poor. And it's **so** exasperating!