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    Trim in point to playhead with ripple delete


      Good day,


      I am an ex avid liquid edition user. Recently moved to Premiere and I am happy all in all except for few minor things that I miss.


      In Edition, I used to press "R" and it would delete the part of the clip where my playhead is, and automatically bring the next clip to the playhead, thus deleting the gap made when part of the current clip on my timeline.


      After some searching in Premiere keyboard shortcuts, I have found the option to " trim in point to playhead" and " trim out point to playhead". This option does what I want, except that it does not remove the gap made from the clip deleted part, and so, I have to select the gap and delete it for the clips to come back together.


      Is there a way to do this without needing to use the mouse?


      Thank you all in advance.