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    Mark clips on timeline - not the "time"

    shiffsportsmarketing Level 1

      I have several dozen clips on my timeline that have been edited out of much longer clips/files.  I am trying to edit them down to maybe 20-25 clips (the best ones).  So, as I go through them, I had been "marking" the clips that I think I may want to include in the final project.  However, if I delete a clip that I don't want, and/or shift the clips on the timeline - the marker itself does not move - I discovered that the markers are attached to the time on the timeline, not the clip.  I had read in a previous post today where Jim suggested adding Clip Markers. But I believe doing that "marks" the entire clip - not the edited piece that I have on my timeline.


      Is there any way to mark/highlight/label individual clips on the timeline - and have that "attach" to the individual clip?


      Thanks in advance!


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          shooternz Level 6

          Would Label Colors work for you.


          eg  color the clips with colors of choice.


          Right click clip > Labels.

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            shiffsportsmarketing Level 1

            Thanks for your response


            Labels could definitely work -- I just have to "assign" a term to each label/color.  Thanks for the suggestion!


            I guess I'm just surprised that there isn't an "easy" way to identify the different clips on the timeline. In my Program Window - I have renamed the clips after I've edited the content that I wanted so I can more easily find certain content (i.e. "#20 Goal" is a lot more descriptive than 00777.mts).  But obviously, this applies to the entire file - which can be 15+ minutes long, and not to the individual clips that I've pulled out of it.


            I apologize if I'm not using proper terminology -- and hope you understand what I'm trying to convey.


            BTW - can you add/customize label names?


            Thanks again,


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I believe doing that "marks" the entire clip


              It puts a mark on that frame of the clip.  If that frame is used in the sequence, you will see the mark.

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                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                It sounds like subclips could be a solution for you. Load the master clip into the Source Monitor. Set a pair of In/Out points to define a range of interest. Go Clip>MakeSubclip.

                The beauty of subclips is that each of them shows up in the Project panel and can be given a descriptive name as well as clip metadata. Be aware, however, that file metadata and clip markers are saved to the file on disk, so whatever you enter in the master clip or one of the subclips will be common to all instances from that master. (In case you're not familiar with the distinction between clip metadata and file metadata, just check out the Metadata panel--it has three main sections: Clip, File, and Speech Analysis)

                If you give subclips a try, take a minute to study up on the difference between soft subclips and hard subclips, which are distinguished by the setting called "Restrict Trims to Subclip Boundaries."

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                  shiffsportsmarketing Level 1

                  WOW! Thanks so much for that very helpful AND easy to understand reply!


                  I also just discovered the "automate to sequence" command.... I can create my subclips and give them descriptive names/categories (I'm doing a Lacrosse highlight video -- so titles/category such as "save", "goal", "clear", "assist" etc..) -  then do a search for "saves" for instance, "select all", automate them to a sequence, and then be able to watch and choose the best clips from each "category".


                  This will REALLY help my workflow tremendously.  I will probably still use the color labels to distinguish between the types of shots (or saves, for that matter... lol) on my timeline.


                  Thank you again -- huge help