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    Output to negative film from InDesign


      We're trying to output an InDesign page file to negative from Indesign - outputting to an Epson Photo 1400 on Pictorico film.


      Cannot seem to find a direct way to output the file to negative. I did a work around exporting the page to pdf and opening in PSHop and then inverting the file but that seems rather cumbersome and also lost quality in the 9 point text on the page.


      Any help appreciated!


      Working info

      iMac - System 10.8



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          Was DYP Level 3

          If you choose Composite Gray in your Print/Output dialg can you check Negative or is it grayed out?


          Some of my printers allow this. Some of them do not if the printer driver does not allow it to be set as a CMYK device.


          Another alternative short of a RIP is to print a PS file and select negative then distill to PDF and place into ID and then print using Composite Gray with the RGB print driver.

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            Yes - that is exactly what happened. The printer we need to access for output is connected to the computer that will not allow it. I'm going to try the PS file procedure and see how the quality holds up. The crew reassembled the entire thing in Illustrator while I'm here researching so it's on the move. But I want to be sure I know all my options for InDesign.


            many thanks!

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              rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The printer needs to be postscript, you can get RIPs for Epson printers. If you want to print the black values as they show in Separation preview, you want to print the black plate via Separations:


              Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 6.36.49 PM.png