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    Encore cs6 Vobulator error line 332


      I've been working on a project that requires 4 timelines (less is not an option).

      I'm working on a


      Macbook Pro

      Intel Core 2 Duo

      4Gb ram


      I keep getting this uppon build:


      Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 4.16.16 PM.png


      I've had this before but I've always fixed it by spreading out chapters or triming out exces audio track or subtitle track.


      I got it, I errased all chapters, I trimmed exces tracks and... I still keep getting the error.


      It's 4 45min long videos all in their own timelines, conected by a playlist. english and spanish subtitles added. one main menu, one chapters menu (as in select a timeline) and a set up menu, so you can select subtitles.


      I'm trying to burn it in a Dual-Layer DVD.


      Any help will be really apreciated.