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    Setting field(s) to readonly across multiple pages ??


      Here's the scenario: I have a master page with multiple columns named dialog.a, dialog.b, dialog.c, etc.  I need a button that will spawn with the pages to set the "dialog" fields to readonly.  Then I will have a corresponding button to remove the read only status (true, false) buttons.  The problem is, as I spawn the pages (200), the field names acquire additional attributes (eg. P1.temp1.dialog.a.1), etc.  Is there a way to set the button to only seek out the word "dialog" and set all that match that criteria to readonly?  I can get it to work for the first page, but after the field names change, with spawning, I have no idea how to parse the field name for only the word "dialog".  The button will be on each page so the user can lock and unlock as needed.  Not all columns are used or needed at all times, so this helps with maintaining a functional tab order.


      Hopefully that makes sense.  Any ideas?  Acrobat X Pro.


      Thank you,