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    "Pre" Storyboarding

      I am new to Captivate (in fact I'm trying out the trial version.) I'm curious about a statement in the help section that says, "You can use Adobe Captivate to create storyboards. Record a "rough" version of your project, add some blank slides where appropriate, and then publish the project as handouts. You can include from one to nine slides per page and add blank lines for notes."

      How might you create one to nine slides per page in Captivate? I usually storyboard an e-learning project before development but it looks like, in Captivate, you might skip that step with a very detailed design document. How do other people handle it?


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          Hi dentonade and welcome to our community

          I believe what they are referring to here is the fact that when you Publish Captivate as a Word handout, you have an option to "Use tables in the output". Once you select that, assuming you have at least that many slides. You can set it up so that up to nine slides are placed on the printed page that would result from the Publish process.

          Cheers... Rick