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    When I buy a new computer...


      Next week, I'll buy a new desktop computer.

      And my Photoshop CC is already registered in 2 PCs(old desktop & notebook).

      Then how can I install Photoshop CC in my new desktop next week?

      As you know, the program is only allowed for 2 PCs.

      I couldn't find any 'deactivate' category here

      If I use Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, does it work?

      Or any other good solutions?

      Please help me

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          SG... Adobe Employee



          When you install and launch Ps for the first time on the new machine, it should warn you that the activation on you older machine will be removed. You just need to Sign In using your Adobe ID. You can alternatively go to the machine you want to deactivate and go to Help> Sign Out.