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    Moving a clip UP or DOWN several tracks in the timeline to REVEAL additional tracks

    DMH79 Level 2

      One thing I've always wondered but never asked here is if there's a way in Premiere to drag a clip up (or down) tracks and force the timeline to scroll up with the clip? In FCP as well as in Premiere, if you drag a clip within the timeline to the left or right beyond what is currently showing on the timeline, the timeline scrolls to the left or right almost like when you drag an app on your phone from one screen to the next...go to the edge and the page scrolls with you. But in Premiere (unlike FCP), if you try to move a clip up or down to a track that's outside of what is currently showing on the timeline, the timeline does not scroll up or down to show the additional tracks. Is there a preference or another way to enable this?


      Many of my projects have 8 or 9 video and audio tracks BUT usually only around 4 or 5 video and audio tracks are showing at a time. If I needed to drag a clip from track #1 to track #8 I'd have to drag it up to an open area, drop it, scroll up (or down for audio) and then drag again to the open track #8. In FCP, the timeline would scroll up or down just like it does when you force a clip all the way left or all the way to the right.


      Using a shortcut to move a track up or down does not work because it overwrites everything in its path and that's not what I want to do here. I'm hoping there's a preferece or some other way to enable this in Premiere.