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    Concerning multiple frame-rates in one export file to perceive important necessary philosophies.

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      consider READ QUESTION, The following 4#'d Paragraphs should be skipped and not considered to be read and don't link

      to my discussion it's question.


      4.It's a strange world we live in, yet the wonders are revealed if realised once more.

      Hello my dear friend or opposition. As this was my first post I represented my normal

      thought flow throughout as it would be me daily, reflecting as necessary, apologizing in advance

      if thrown out of balance.


      1.Rather contradicing or raising questions, I would like to consider this very moment the age

      of turn around points. As the evolution and perhaps one a day, revolution continues I would

      like to take a moment to stand by this process, I conclude we are going towards the red pitt hole.


      2. I also consider After Effect a program to allow whatever creativity could thrown at it, powered

      by our imagination creating a new breed of cinema. I consider myself a philospher, always spellinG it

      wrong but even thaT I consider mental restrictions only preventing me to reach out for your location,

      wherever or however you may consider that to be so.


      3. Proclaiming filters most out, but if I could only change one mind, I succeeded. I plan to rewrite

      or so to speak, re-introduce what could be film and where we could are going with it, possibly. Film will

      be an art that could differ as much as some painters have created unpredictably impossible differences

      between them selfs. Concludingly art style differ so does reality, I am thanking the creators of After Effects,

      and improvers, hereby with a salute for a program potentially as versatile.




      Film=60:00 seconds

      first 00:10 seconds=>a 2000FRAMES/s animation,

      2nd 00:11-60:00 seconds=> 60FRAMES/s film.


      Exports results in one frame-rate, I have done insufficient research as why this is still a limit,

      or might not be because of simply not knowing enough yet. I created this story that could

      potentially explain our source and the infinite continuation of that and why.


      Thank you for your time, and I do appreciate it already if

      you read this far. Information regarding the question is fine.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Imagine a movie theater. The projector is running happily away at 24 fps. All of a sudden you want to watch the movie at 60fps. You pick up your cell phone and call the lobby and talk to the manager. He thinks this is an interesting idea so he sends the projectionist up to the booth to look for a speed control on the projector. No luck, this one only runs at 24fps.


          That's how video containers work. You render to a container (mov, avi, flv, whatever) and you've just bought a projector with only one speed. If you want to change speeds in the middle you have to have a very special projector. No way around that.


          So the answer is that you can't render to the same container with different frame rates.


          You can, however, in a single comp, have footage that runs from 1 frame per hour to 99 frames per second. You can interpret the footage placed in a comp at any frame rate from 1 per second to 99 frames per second, which would accomplish what you are trying to do, except for the part that the first hour of the movie rendered movie would contain more than one frame.


          There are different types of containers however that can display each frame for a specific time interval. Animated Gif is the simplest movie container of this type. Flash is the most common. These are non standard video containers and you have to control the timing outside of AE.


          It would help if we had a little less escortaric posing of your question. What exactly, in an actionable question, are you trying to do and why?