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    Using PowerPoint in timeline with animations?

    Soshman Level 1

      I am doing an 8 minute video presentation. I already have the audio edited and in the timeline.


      I hired someone to make me a 16x9 PowerPoint presentation on the subject a month ago.

      She did a great job and i want to use some of the slides she made.


      What she did that i didnt realize until now...was to make animations within the slides

      with additional images.


      It looks good and wondering (shooting high) if there is a way to bring the slide with the animations into

      Premiere Pro?


      If not...i think there is a way to take the PP's apart and just add annimation on different video tracks.

      Another way might be to use Camtasia to record the animations on all slides and then import and cut

      up the video and put on timeline


      BUT if i can do it easier...i would prefer it :-)