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    CS5 Bridge and Permission Problems

    prince john

      Hello there;


      I just started experiencing a problem with Adobe Bridge.  I am (and have been) using CS5 with no problems at all until just recently.  Adobe Bridge does not seem to delete image files or rename image files for some strange reason.  I get a message that says... "The file cannot be renamed because you do not have sufficient permissions or it is in use"!!!  I have never experienced this since I installed CS5.  I know the file(s) is (are) NOT in use.  I am not able to delete or rename.  Not sure if any other Bridge functions will suffer through the same problem as well. 


      Anyone experienced this issue before?  Any suggestions to resolve it?  Many thanks.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          When you view the image do you see a padlock symbol in upper corner?  If so right click and select unlock.


          Also, view the folder in Win. Explorer.  Right click and click on Properties.  Made sure there is no check mark for read only.

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            prince john Level 1

            Hi Curt;


            Many thanks for your response. 


            When I view the thumbnail images in Bridge, there is NO padlock symbol at all.  Since I shoot everything in RAW, Explorer and Windows do not display the image itself, but an icon representing the .CR2 file (I shoot Canon).  I have also tried the right-click to check the Properties of the files, and there is NO check mark for "read only".  I am still at a loss.  I sincerely appreciate your help if you can think of anything else.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              The padlock will only show in the content thumbnal panel not the thumbnail in preview.


              If a no on this reset the preferences.  Hold down the Ctrl key and start Bridge.  You will get a reset window.