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    Exporting a frame to an image - Preview mode, incorrect aspect ratio


      I have a Canon HG10 (AVCHD) 1440x1080 camcorder, and usually export my mpeg clips from Premiere so I can use them all within AE.  In order for the picture aspect ratio to appear normal in AE, I have to enable "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction", otherwise my footage is stretched upwards in a 4:3 style format. 


      When I do graphics related work in AE I like to export a frame into an image now and then, but when I attempt this with the footage from my camera and try and open the image using Preview on the mac, I'm back to square one with a streched up 4:3 style format.  If I open it with photoshop I get this message:


      "Pixel aspect ratio correction is for preview purposes only.  Turn it off for maximum image quality."


      I do this and my image displays the correct format, but when I atempt to resave as a Jpeg or PNG, etc. again, I'm back to square one.



      Is it something I am doing wrong when exporting from PPro?  I always make sure that "match sequence" is selected within the export options.