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    Poor Quality display of PSD and Vector imports




      I'm new to Premiere Pro CC, having previously used Sony Vegas to edit together images/PSDs/Vector logos into short videos to be displayed on 75" screens.


      All was well when using Sony Vegas, with outputs showing logos and PSD text in a really crisp, defined way. I then got a CC subscription and decided to try Premiere Pro to create the same type of file.


      Using the same size settings (1920 x 1080 square pixels) in Premiere Pro, logos appear jagged around the edges and text is blurry. In both instances I have output the files using WMV (the TV's built-in player accepts this without any trouble) and just can't work out how to produce the same results with Premiere Pro that I was getting with Vegas.


      I've included links to four images to illustrate the difference - all are screen grabs of the actual video.


      Any pointers would be gratefully receieved - Premiere Pro is so much nicer to work with and can't believe it's a problem with the software so would like to get this resolved.


      Premiere Pro Image 01

      Premiere Pro Image 02

      Vegas Image 01

      Vegas Image 02