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    Template is too "short"?!


      Hi guys. I'm a bit new on ae but anyway need your help.

      Hope there's an answer for what im looking for. Just bought an template for adobe after effects, im using cs6.. Just to make an intro. The problem is that the template is shorter than 1 minute (i need it to be over 1 minute) and i can't create what i really need, because is too short.

      Any idea what should i do to make it longer without touching nothing (moving effects or things like that).


      To make it clear:


      Adobe After Effects cs6

      Template is 47 seconds.

      I need it to be longer than 1 minute.



      Thank You

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          Pierre Devereux Level 2



          The simplest answer to this, would be to configure it more or less to the way you want (keeping in mind it will change slightly), Precompose it, then use time manipulation to stretch the precomp. Twixtor, or built in time stretch. Just keep in mind, wothout seeing the template, we have no idea what effects etc are being used, and how stretching the, will effect the final output. Keep this in mind especially with audio layers. If you are adding your own audio, just add it in the new comp below the precomp.


          If the template comes with sound, well, unless you can create your own to add to the end, you will have an issue with it.


          Hope that helps?



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            These are basic composition and layer basics. You need to understand composition settings, timelines, in and out points and keyframes to change the length of a project. You can cheat with time remapping, but that is not going to give you the same results as actually changing the comp settings.


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