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    Trouble shooting links


      I have a 108 page catalog document. One spread's links aren't viewing. There are many color swatches and multiple product images placed on that page I really don't want to have to rebuild the two pages. Links appear in the links pallet as updated. I have tried replacing all of the links. None of the photos are showing on just these two pages? Nor do they appear when I make a pdf file. I have tried quitting out of indesign. I have tried changing the file display quality, I have restarrted my computer. None of this is fixing these two pages? Can anyone help me get this fixed? What I did to make this happen, and WHY its only 2 pages out of 108?

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Try to save as IDML

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Do the images highlight in the links panel if you select the frames?


            It's not extremely likely, but one possibility is that the images have been repositioned outside the frame edge, but are still there. If that's the case, you can bring them back into view by selecting a frame and using one of the fitting commands from the context menu. If this is really waht happened, it might be an accicent of having moved the image rather than the frame by accidentally clicking on the "content grabber" donut. That happens to me from time to time.

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              sj1122 Level 1


              The links do highlight when I click on a box and I tried utilizing the fitting pallet to get the images to appear but they still don't. I also tried saving the doc. as an IDML and that didn't do anything either.


              Any more ideas?



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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                At this point it would be better to see the file than guess wildly. can you share it or just those pages? I'm going to send you an upload link to my drop box in case you can.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Not a lot I can tell without the links, but it looks to me like those two pages are seriously corrupted. When I select the frames withthe missing images the links are indicated as being on the pasteboard, and the effective ppi numbers are just crazy -- either wildly huge or 0, or both -- and the scaling factors are bizarre when selecting the content and trying to change them gives a variety of errors.


                  Looking at the file history I can see it crashed a couple of times, and also that you are not using an up-to-date version of CS6. First thing I would suggest is update ID to 8.0.2. Then make a new file the same size and move the pages from this one into the new one before page 1 (to preserve the page order) and then delete the original page 1 which is now the last page. Hopefully that will leave behind any minor damage and you can move forward. Sve with a new name so you don't overwrie what you have.


                  Once you've done that, delete this spread in it's entirety and add new pages and rebuild it.


                  I'm not sure about the question regarding the little man. Are you saying he is not appearing on the pages when you export? He shows when I make a PDF from the sample here....

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                    sj1122 Level 1

                    Thanks, Didn't know there was an update, just got CS6 about 2 months ago. I did crash on restarting a few times while I was trying to figure out what was up with these pages. I'll rebuild and go from there. Appreciate the help. Perhaps this will also sort out the missing little man on every page of my pdf file while I am at it.

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                      hummel prepress

                      Fonts could be the issue. Believe it or not I had a similar issue on a 64 pg book and the unique fonts being used on that page were corrupt and the images would not display on the laser or export. I turned off the fonts and they appeared on the output.