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    $.writeln() causes ESTK to reset itself


      IF the .jsx script has a $.writeln("Something something"); line that will be called anywhere in your code when the script starts, IF you have the script installed in the File/Scripts menu in Photoshop and you use this menu to start it, and IF ESTK is NOT running at the time, PS will start automatically ESTK for you.


      When this happens, upon starting ESTK you will notice that it has just been "reset". The script is there as the only tab and any customization that you have done to ESTK is lost forever. If you close ESTK and start it again, your previous session (tabs) that you had before PS called ESTK automatically is lost, color customization to ESTK that you had done is lost, recently used files list is lost, etc. Well, ESTK was reset!


      Is this normal or it just happens with me?