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    Often I can only right click or double click in after effects (usually while using Color Finesse)

    patrickhunt.media Level 1

      Hey, I can't seem to find anyone else that is having this issue.


      I use Dynamic linking from Premiere to color a project using Color Finesse in After Effects. Whats the timeline is dropped in, I'll drop in the color finesse effect, open up color finesse, color, and hit okay. When I come back to After Effects, it seems like every other time I do this sequence of events, I can't left click anymore. The only way to scrub through is to left click or double click on the player head. I can't click and drag effects (I just double click). I can't load presets or anything. I have to get back into color finesse and then it works normally again. But once I'm back out of color finesse and into after effects.... it's back. This is driving me insane, as it makes everything take twice as long. Also, I might add that this happens on MULTIPLE computers. So I do believe it's something that I'm doing wrong or something and not the computer. However, it could quite possibly be a setting with color finesse or something with color finesse, cause I'm really the only one on these computers that uses color finesse.


      Anyway, thanks for any help in advance.