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    Edge Animate & Retina Displays


      Hello! I'm new to animation, but have recently taught myself Edge Animate.


      How can I make sure everything works with devices that have Retina Displays?

      Do I set up two animations or is there some code I need to add to show the retina image when the device warrants?

      Should the retina images be 144ppi and the others be 72ppi?

      I'm sure these questions are elementary, but I've found so much on the web, I don't know which advice to choose.



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, clevelanddesign-


          Welcome to the community!  You should be serving images that are double the size for retina displays.  There are a couple of ways to approach the problem, but if you're looking for pixel precision, you should probably go for two animations and use media queries (or something like EdgeCommons) to feed up different screen sizes based on your viewport.


          That being said, you should play around with what things look like with one image size to see if the fidelity is sufficient to warrant a second project or messing with media queries in a single project.


          Hope that points you in the right direction,



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            multimedia-communications Level 1

            Using two animations doesn't work for me, even with media queries.

            On an iPhone 5, for example, the 640 x 960 image fills the screen. The 640 x 1136, however, shows only the upper left quadrant of the stage, no matter what I do or how I set the viewport. The animation published by Edge is not treated like an image; it is treated like its own Web page. And it does not scale in a webapp.

            Other people must be running into this problem with webapps, too. There must some solution for Edge animations on retina displays.