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    CC Crashes.... rendering too unstable


      I work in TV News, and I started using Adobe Premiere Pro CC when it first became available. I was intrigued by the new features, as I felt they would be beneficial to the type of editing I do. I have to say I am extremely disappointed with how it's performed. From the start I was having compatibility issues with AVC-Intra 50 P2 video. Even after rendering and playing back at 1/2 resolution I was still having issues with dropped frames. That's assuming that rendering was even possible. Most of the time attempting to render would cause the program to crash. I should also mention that I edit on a top of the line MacBook Pro laptop that far exceeds Adobe's minimum system requirements. I found Adobe's Support system to be horrific. Posting on a forum and hoping someone will respond to your issue is a joke. I also tried to chat with a support specialist and that too was a waste of time. Attempting to get someone on the phone that understood my issue proved futile.  I'm going to revert back to CS6, which is a shame because I do need some of the features that CC has. I've come to the conclusion that CC is far too unreliable for what I do. Hopefully someday this won't be the case.