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    How to keep Flash in Full Screen on Dual Monitors




      I have a simple question. What should I do, to make my application (written in Flex SDK 4.5.1) staying in Full screen when I work in 2nd monitor - like Youtube and Euronews player (http://www.euronews.com/news/streaming-live/) ?
      I don't know, how should I embed my application correct or add something to source code to make it work? My application is working correct in Full screen mode, I can use keyboard etc. but I'm not able to make this working - it's always going back to normal when it loose focus.


      I have read many topics on this forum and internet, so I'm not interested in solutions like: http://flash-full-screen-multiple-monitor.clangen.com/en/ or .dll tricks like http://lifehacker.com/5419028/keep-flash-videos-in-full-screen-on-dual -monitors
      If Youtube and Euronews is working with normal Flash (my current 11.9.900.117) there must be a way?


      If someone can type code examples (like for a total dummy ), it will be great.


      Thank you.