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    DV export problems with grid line noise on export

    Hiddenpictures Ltd Level 1

      On exporting in Premier Pro CC I am seeing faint grid lines across the whole picture that are not in the project timeline or the source clips - in other words looks fine in the project but not when exported out. Looks a bit like moire pattern but much more regular dotted box pattern about 5-10 pixel regular box size across whole image in grid - very odd. The noise pattern is not on the source or from camera chip I don't think - although that's what it looks like when sharpness is too hard on camera settings or chip structure bleeds through.


      Have been using sharp filter and preset colour balances but as I say look OK in timeline but not after export. Tried using with and without high quality render  - no difference.


      I am using DV25 as the export format and I am working on a high end Mac Pro with the latest version of CC.


      Very frustrating issue as ruins quality of output - any thoughts gratefully received!