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    Emply Link View after project upgrade to RoboHelp7

      I have used RoboHelp X5 for years and we just upgraded to RoboHelp 7. We have put our project in RoboSource Control 3 to share it among muliple users. Since that time I have discovered that our Link View is now empty. It was populated prior to our upgrade,and now only one icon (The topic icon) is displayed with none of the previously set links displayed. I am sure hoping I do NOT have to recreate the links in RoboHelp7 that were previously created in X5. Any insights would surely be appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there whoever you are. (Odd forum handle there. Did the cat jump on the keyboard? )

          I think you are seeing a slight change in behavior. In version X5 and prior, Link View would automatically be displaying an arbitrary topic page. I'm not sure I ever did manage to sort how it determined which topic to show. Then version 6 changed the playing field for the better, by automatically displaying the topic currently open in the WYSIWYG editor. But RoboHelp 7 dramatically changes the field a bit by offering the ability to edit multiple topics at the same time. So I believe the Link View behavior was changed. If you open it generically, it doesn't display a topic. But if you click and drag topics into it, (Or right-click them and choose the Link View) their links should display in this view.

          Cheers... Rick
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            a;ekraopieruapoiuopi Level 1
            Hello Rick
            Yes, when I set up my Robo forum login, I was testing my ability to enter random key strokes. Clever thing that I am, now I am stuck with it. Thanks for noticing tho!

            Thank you for your reply, it is just like you said. As long as I can access the page link view from the right mouse click, I am happy. So, another panic averted. Thank you kindly for your response and expertise tho, it is greatly appreciated!