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    Character style dillemma




      Has anyone ever run into problems with character styles automatically applying?


      Specifically what's happening with my document is I'll put in a text box, fill it with text and apply a paragraph style. My paragraph styles doesn't use any GREP's or character styles, so after applying the paragraph style I'll look at the character style pane and [None] is selected. All is well.


      But then, when I save the document and re-open it later (on the same computer, saving to my hard drive, no one els is touching the document), my text boxes will suddenly have a differnet character style applied to them [drop.cap] that overrides the paragraph style formatting. Now, in addition to this little switching act, when I start a new text box, the font automatically defaults to the drop.cap character style.


      I know I can just change the character style back to [none] whenever this happens and that solves my issue, but since the document I'm working with will be a template for other people in my company, I'd like to eliminate this default from applying every time I open the document.


      Anyone have a possible solution? Help would be greatly appreciated!!


      I'm working with a template created in InDesign CS5 on a PC (Windows 2007). It was originally created on CS5 for Mac, so that may be causing my issues. I've also tried deleting paragraph styles and re-entering them, and this issue occured not only on my computer when opening the file, but also on two other PC's and one Mac (Windows 7 for all PC's and OS X 10.6 for the Mac's).