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    Application Components Missing



      I recently bought a new Mac Mini, and copied all my computer data and applications from my MacBook Pro onto it. Since the Creative Suite (CS6) wasn't working on the new computer, I re-installed it (downloaded from the Adobe website).


      Here's the problem:  When I try to open Photoshop by double clicking on a file icon (such as a .jpg), I get this message:  "Some of the application components are missing from the application directory, Please reinstall the application." So - I uninstalled and then reinstalled everything, but it still doesn't work. Also another icon appears in the Dock on the far right.


      If I launch Photoshop first, and then open files from within the application, the files open without a problem. But I'd rather not have to do this all the time.


      With InDesign and Illustrator, another icon appears in the dock  as well when I double-click on a file - but I don't get the message and can access the file with no problem.


      Can anyone help?

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          That sounds like a generic error, so it might be coming from some third party plugins that are missing dependencies.


          And if you can open the application, but double clicking fails - that means that the OS is trying to launch a different copy when you double click, and that copy may have problems. (I know that sometimes MacOS tries to launch apps that are in the trash can...)

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            Lila549 Level 1

            Hello Chris -

            Thank you for your reply! Sorry for the late response - I just figured out how to reply to you.


            I have since realized that I have an unnamed folder that contains a duplicate of ALL my applications, within my applications folder. So I have two of everything!


            New question: Can I just delete the duplicate folder or do I need to "uninstall" everything in it?


            Actually maybe I should keep all the stuff in that unnamed folder and delete everything else since it seems everything is defaulting to what it is inside that unnamed folder when I double click on an icon. (I have the same problem - of not being able to double-click an icon to open an application - with other applications, not just with Photoshop - as it turns out.)


            Any advice before I attempt this?

            Not sure how this happened!!


            Thanks again.