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    Editing a OCR PDF

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      Ok so I tried my best to find this and the answer but I have come accross nothing. I have a co-worker who is trying to modify our OCR'd PDF documents to remove any blemishes on them such as a line down the side from a bad copy, etc. We are using Acrobat Pro XI and she uses the edit in paint feature. Now here is the issue we have hit, the OCR PDF starts out at about 2MB with 37 pages, after she has modified and painted out issues on 36 pages the file size is more than 15 times it's original, making it about 35MB give or take.


      So what we need is a way to remove errors and blemishes in the margin areas of the document without using paint and massively increasing the size of the file. Any suggestions?

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Remember to NOT do FILE > SAVE. Use SAVE AS to reclaim space. If that doesn't work, fix the blemishes FIRST (before OCR).

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            The type of editing you are talking about is the appearance. If you use searchable text form of OCR, you can not change the look, only the text behind the look. To be able to edit the blemishes and such, you have to use ClearScan for the OCR. Then the text on screen is what you get, not behind an image. The rest is changed into a collection of images that you can now select and remove. Still care needs to be used as the object selection often selects more than you think it would.