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    No sound on audio mixer 3 + 4 and upwards




      I have a multichannel sequence in cs6 and I want to output at video with audio mono 4 channels.

      In the audio mixer i have:

      Track 1 set to 1+2 and paned left.

      Track 2 set to 1+2 and paned right.

      Track 3 set to 3+4 and paned left.

      Track 4 set to 3+4 and paned right.



      I have no problem exporting the file, everything works as it should, but its when im editing I cant hear the audio.

      When I in the audio mixer change audio track 3 and 4, in the direct output assignment, from 1+2 to 3+4 or above, it cant hear the audio. I can change it back to 1 + 2 and hear the audio, but that is not the final distination of the tracks.


      Is there something im missing?



      Best regards