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    InDesign CS6 Issues!


      Ever since we got CS6 here at work, we've had nothing but issues. This is not an upgrade, it is a clean install on a brand new iMac 10.8.5.

      Today starts a new set of issues. Indesign crashes about 2 or 3 times just for the fun of it, then this afternoon when I was trying to export a PDF, I noticed that there was text missing on my screen. The text boxes were there but no text was visible. I tried to click inside the text box and select it - nothing! I thought that maybe it's just a view thing so I exported the PDF anyway and the text was missing in it also - Gone! I went back into the ID document, selected the text box, opened it up, closed it up - nothing. Then all of the sudded when I zoomed in or out just one click (happened both directions), like magic the text appeared. Now, I can see the text, but I can't select or edit the text. One of my text boxes I had to just redo. This is a major pain seeing how I have just spent the last 9 hours working on a 36 x 11 gatefold product brochure and now I can't edit but just some of the text. I have checked and no layers are locked and there is nothing on any master pages...... I don't want to have to go back and retype all this data... It's not all of the text, just random text boxes. One of the boxes, the text is just gone.... There is nothing there.

      I have deleted the Version 8.0 folders from my cahses folder and from my prefrences folder but to no avail.

      Has anyone else been experiencing these kinds of issues???