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    Adding scroll bar in the flex charting


      I'm a newbie with flex 3. I'm playing around with the candlestick demo.
      I'm stuck in getting a scroll bar feature, and it making it autoscroll.
      The autoscroll is assuming that additional data is entered via an external interface.

      Having plenty of trouble in finding on how this can be done, if it can be done.
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          Deeptika Gottipati Adobe Employee
          If you are looking for paging in charts, i.e., visible part of chart is rendered first and the hidden part will be rendered when it is made visible by moving the scrollbar, it is not supported at present.
          Otherwise, if the problem is that chart size remains same even when number of items increase, please try using the percent height and width for chart. Then, as number of items increases, chart becomes larger and scrollbar appears automatically