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    Can't access my existing FormsCentral account since security breach


      I have not been able to determine how I can reach the staff about an issue I've had since the recent "security breach" that resulted in the rest of passwords.


      I started an account with an email address (let's use jack@originalemail.com for the purpose of example), but have since changed email addresses (we'll say jack@123.com for continued example). In my settings, I could not determine how to change the email address for the purpose of logging in since I no longer have access to jack@originalemail.com, so I changed the settings to send all notifications to jack@123.com and continued to login with jack@originalemail.com.


      That seemed to be working fine until the recent automatic password updates caused by the "security" concern. In the process of automatically renewing my password (which I had to do with jack@123.com) I can no longer login to my existing formscentral account (where I have about a dozen forms being actively used). When I try to login with jack@originalemail.com and click "Forgot your password" it sends the reply to the email address that I can no longer access.


      Someone PLEASE HELP. I need to be able to reach my original forms and figure out how to prevent this in the future.


      John B