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    Looking for tutorial for two effects.

    bbillef48 Level 1

      effect 1. I want to make an intro for my logo and I was thinking for an effect like this one we see in harry potter (boggart). I don't want something so advanced like this in the image nor 3d. I just want to use this effect to switch from one text to a second text before ending showing my logo.


      so the  it's something like this: text1 --> effect --->  text 2 (text1 disappears) --> effect ---> my logo appears  (text2 disappears)

      effect 1.jpg

      effect 2: this is something more easy. Instead of using the first effect for my intro I want to use elliptical orbits for my texts. So the text1 will look like they start from the center of the screen coming closer and closer to the viewer (user) and then they will go back and dissapear so the next text2 will start.


      general question: how do I perform cylindrical/ spherical orbits for  texts?


      I hope you understand what I mean. I am looking for tutorials mostly.