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    Very slow Rendering and Exporting

    Dan Hyman



      I switched to Premiere CS6 from FCP 7 after FCPX came out and haven't looked back. In a lot of ways, it's much better for certain tasks.

      In others, it's not. Initially playing back "red-lined" content worked fine and i was able to view the edit before I committed to render/export.


      Now, I see every 10 frames or so and it skips and stutters. Rendering and exporting times have spiked dramatically over the past month

      for some unknown reason. I have a small prod company and we're using Mac Pro's (8-Core) with min of 16GBs of RAM in each.


      I know there are 101 factors that go into export time, I'm just wondering if anyone if encountering the same issues.


      I just pieced together a 10-min video in FCP7, all ProRes files with minimal cutting and it exported in 2.5 minutes.

      The same project on Premiere was telling me 3 hours. I don't get it.


      Can anyone shed any light on this?