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    Performance issues with Motion (position, scale, rotate) and GTX 590


      I'm experiencing performance issues with my Premiere Pro CC when I scale, position or rotate a clip in the program monitor.

      I have no performance issues with playback! It's only, when i move something with the mouse or by changing the x,y-values of Position in the Motion-Dialog in video effects.

      Premiere then lags terribly and updates the program monitor only about once per second - this makes it very difficult and cumbersome to work and position things.

      On a second Premiere installation on my laptop, performance is fine and fluid - allthough it doesn't have GPU support and is a much slower computer.


      I'm pretty sure this has somehow to do with my graphic card, which is a Nvidia GTX 590.

      I was told by the support, that it is actually a dual graphic card, which is not supported/liked by Premiere.

      The thing is, until the latest Premiere update, I did not have performance issues at all with this card.

      I also read on the forum that others with the GTX 590 did not experience any problems with it

      So where does this come from?


      There is no change in performance whether or not I activate Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration.

      I also tried deactivating one of the 2 gpus, but there also was no change.


      Does anyone else know this problem and has anyone a solution?


      I'm running Premiere CC on a Win 7 64bit engine, Nvidia GTX 590, latest driver (of today),