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    Where should DNG profile editor install the .dcp file?

    blumesan Level 1

      Just made my first attempt to create a custom camera profile using the X-Rite color checker passport and the DNG Profile Editor.

      Thanks to the excellent tutorial, the process went smoothly.  Next I took the final step of exporting the profile (.dcp) file, expecting to find the new profile when I opened an image in ACR.  Unfortunately the new profile was not listed in the Camera Profile dropdown menu.


      After much searching I discovered that the profile was written to the folder containing the .dng images used to construct the profile.  Obviously not where it belongs in order for ACR to find it.   I assumed that "Export Profile" would automatically write the .dcp file to the proper location.

      Where should the .dcp files be installed for Win7x64 running ACR 8.2.?

      Is there a way to establish the proper location as the default in the Profile Editor?


      Thanks for your help.