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    Create REAL 3D particle cloud in AE??!?!?!

    ernte.23 Level 1

      Hey folks,


      im going nuts about finding a way to create a particle system in AE that is actually 3D. Is this even possible?

      Do i need Plug-ins(i have trapcode - 2D and just got plexus from school - havent tested yet)?

      What i want is basically a hemisphere. Flat black in the middle to one side, glowing in color to the other side.

      Which i archived with two layers, one feathered out. And i need to move around it, at leat the camera needs to.

      So thats the main problem...in ae the layers stay flat!


      Did i made myself clear? I need half glowing orb. Its supposed to be a glowing surface spot. actually its supposed to

      be a lot of them! A lot of short-beamed lights.

      I tried to fix it with the look-at-expression but it basically mixed all my layers. couldnt be fixed with masks.


      I belive there is no way to create such an real 3d-orb in ae. So i figured i could go with blender - which is free or

      cinema4d trial. which i both no next to nothing so please help me.


      Can anyone give me a hint or a walktrough?

      Iam not a pro!! So be gentle with me and please write detailed information.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have Particular or Form from Trapcode? EZ with either of these and there are tons of tutorials over at Red Giant Software.


          You can use CC particle world also. It will respond to the camera in AE. Just play around with the settings. Notice the little cube -- That shows the position of the camera relative to the particle. I did nothing but add CC Particle World to a layer and add a camera, then move the camera around with the pen tool.