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    PSE 10 to PSE12

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      Hi, I have recently upgraded from 10 to 12.  I have followed the process for PSE10 to load my additional abr and asl files but they have not loaded into 12.  I work on a MAC.  Can anyone gove me some instructions on this, I am reasonably new to allthis and just dont know where to go to get these to work.  Thanks heaps, appreciate all the expertise out there!  Cheers Lisa

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          27Prac Level 3

          Go to location 'C:\Users\Sanchit\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\12.0\Presets' on WIN  and place your .abr files in the brushes folder and .asl files in the 'Styles' folder. Relaunch PSE and you can access these files in the same way you did in PSE 10.

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            LM1958 Level 1

            Thanks 1.27Prac, the abr files loaded fine, still no success with the asl files.  Any other suggestions?  Thank you again for your help.

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              27Prac Level 3

              To load .asl file follow these steps-


              1. Go to "Edit Menu>Preset manager" .
              2. Click the preset dropdown and choose 'Styles' .

              3. Click 'Load' and navigate the .asl fiel you want to load.

              4. The style will get loaded and will be available in Effects panel and in ceratain tools.