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    Laggy Layer panel performance with nvidia card

    ajk48n3 Level 1

      I am using After Effects CC I am running on Windows 7 64-bit, Intel i7, 16 GB of RAM on a nvidia 660m. The laptop is an Asus G75VW.


      I am finding the interface overall very laggy when I have any more than a few layers in a composition. The simplest example is when I have a comp with only 4 solids in it. Drawing a selection box in the layer panel to select all layers is nice and speedy.


      However, increasing this to 8 or 16 solid layers, there is a noticeable 1/2-1 second delay between moving the mouse and seeing the selection box change size.


      I have installed the latest supported nvidia drivers, have switched Windows to the basic theme, and turned all system display options to be optimized for performance. I have also tried turning on/off the "Hardware Accelerate Layer Panels" options. Nothing I do seems to make the interface less laggy.


      Is this normal behavior, or is there some setting with my video card that may not be working correctly?


      Thanks in advance for the help.